welcome to artie's writing corner!

Hi, I'm Artemis! This is my silly little corner of the Internet where I post my writing for other people to read. I'm just a person, out in the world, who likes writing a lot. I'm autistic and genderqueer, and I talk about that in my writing sometimes. I'm also neither a teenager nor an adult. You can interpret this description of my age as you wish. My brain is filled with dozens of hamsters running on their little hamster wheels, and this is what happens when you let them out.

A GIF of a hamster running on a wheel so fast that it falls off.

I plan to upload both my short stories, poetry, and personal essays onto this site. You can find them linked in the archive. You can also leave comments on specific writings on those pages, but if you want to just send me a message directly, you can also go to the contact page.