Content warnings: Transphobia and gender dysphoria.

just a girl.

i am just a girl.

i have boobs,
and periods,
and long hair,
and a feminine voice.

and it sucks
but that doesn’t change
a damn thing
(does it?)

it doesn’t matter.
it doesn’t matter if i wish
i wasn’t a girl
if the world
is going to treat me
like a girl
no matter what.

sometimes a girl
who hates being a girl
is just a girl
with issues.

transgender people
are eldritch abominations.
you live your life
and you’re fine
(you guess)

until you see someone
who breaks the law
that a man must have been born a boy
and you realize that everything
about you is wrong

and you go mad
not because of what they are
but because of what you are not.

“if you hate your hair, cut it off”
“if you hate your boobs, cut them off”
“if you hate your periods
and you hate your voice,
inject some miracle drug
into your veins”

but T is expensive.
clothes are expensive,
names are expensive,
surgery is expensive,
and some of us
can’t afford
to be trans.

i am just a girl.
and it sucks,
but so does life,
so you suck it up.

it doesn’t matter.
it doesn’t matter whether
i see a boy
or a girl
or something else
in the mirror,

because all the world sees
is a monster
who was once
just a girl

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